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There is no reasonable explanation as to why Russian women are so popular amongst foreign men. The latter keep flocking to the Russian online dating platforms in order to get a chance to meet free Russian girls. Nevertheless, there are also stories of people that tell how tremendously they have failed and claim that Russian women are not the best option for relationships and marriage. Let’s now dig deeper into such cases and find out the truth.

The first point that we would like to discuss is the fact that Russian girls are not actually the ones to be dated or married to. Well, there is some sort of truth in it and let’s now discern the only true statement which will hold. We start off with the current state of things in Russia regarding her women. You probably know that Russian females are known for their extreme beauty on one side and for their traditional values on the other side. It gives Western men a double advantage: they have really beautiful women that keep them excited all the time, and, at the same time, they have someone they can trust because Russian women will not betray them. So, where does the negative feedback come from?! The answer lies in the very globalisation process which, of course, affects Russia as well as the rest of the world. We can definitely say that lots of things are starting to change in Russia. All the traditional values are being replaced by the new ones that come from the West. The outcome is the one that you can see around you: you can rarely find someone who wants to have family or a woman who dreams of becoming a housewife. Nevertheless, these tendencies have not had a great impact yet. The proportion of those women who still want to fulfil their traditional roles is quite high, even in such cities as Moscow and St Petersburg. However, if you meet a traditionally-oriented Russian woman, it may result harder for you to understand her and to find common ground than with a girl who has accepted the Western culture. If you choose the second option which seems like an easier one, yes, you will have less troubles at the beginning because she will probably understand your way of life, your humour, etc. Later on, however, you cannot expect such a girl, even though she is Russian, to be a loyal wife who will love you till the end of your days. Such ladies look up to their Western counterparts and want to be like them, totally emancipated and liberated from all sort of limits. If you choose a traditional Russian woman, then you will certainly have communication issues, but in response you will get a perfect wife. All the troubles that you will experience will be overcome in the future. The only truth which can persist is that it is up to you what type of woman you want to have. Therefore, you are the one responsible of your future life.

Some might now say that they also know some guys or have heard stories of men who even though married to ordinary Russian girls, still claim to have failed due to irreconcilable differences, etc. Everything can be explained quite simply. In the first place, guys tend to fall for the physical beauty of women. They do not think about their personalities and the fact that when you date someone or get married to somebody, it will be their personality that will play the key role and not the physical appearance that you are attracted to. If you marry a wrong person, even though she may be very beautiful, that beauty will mean nothing to you when you start to have quarrels all the time simply because you had not discerned what kind of person you were dating. That is the reason number one. The second part is related to the mistakes committed by the men themselves. Lots of guys start to behave similarly to the Russian men and offend and upset their Russian women in the same way. It cannot be tolerated because Russian girls have had enough of wrongdoings with their Russian guys or at least have witnessed it. They do not want to go through this again. These things may include drinking, smoking maltreatment, abuses, soliciting, sexual and racial discrimination, etc. Just try to be a normal guy and do not offend your sweetheart. That is the key to success.


To sum up the ideas, you have to choose carefully your future wife and partner. Think of what type of relationships you would like to have. Make sure you are dating the person whose personality you can stand. Try to see what your weaknesses and drawbacks are instead of only pointing your finger at your girlfriend or wife. These are very simple guidelines that will definitely help you achieve your aims. Give it a try!